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Genetic cousins who match me or the genetic genealogy kits I manage on  GEDMatch.com, 23andme,Family Tree DNA, or Ancestry.com  genetic genealogy databases  will find the resources here to help us locate our common ancestors.

I manage several genetic genealogy tests at AncestryDNA, 23andme, Family Tree DNA and  Gedmatch.com  and  no assumptions should be made about matches or our  common ancestors  without  corresponding with me at mark@capeflier.com about our  specific test results. Please include company you tested with ie Ancestry, Family Tree DNA, 23and me and the name of the person you match with  and any other information that might help with our connections.  If your results are at gedmatch,com I am happy to exchange kit numbers with you.  Due to the way Ancestry handles  matches I often rotate the linked family tree through different family lines which could easily cause a researcher to miss our common ancestor if we don’t talk to eachother.

A common problem with genetic genealogy research is so many of our emails go unanswered,  I am friendly and I answer emails from my matches.

 Sweet Home Alabama – Connecting with  Morrissette , Marshall and Taylor Cousins of  Bay Minette, Perdue Hill , Mobile Alabama and surrounding area.

I have had a curiosity about my Southern roots for quite some time and I now believe the I have assembled all the peices of the puzzle and the mystery of me has been solved.   Just a few loose ends that I hope my Morrissette, Marshall and Taylor cousins will help me with and I will at long last be done with the story of me.

Thomas Taylor and Eugenia Cain Connections: I have a cluster of several genetic autosomal DNA matches from Bay Minette Alabama who according to their family trees descend from Thomas Taylor and Eugenia Cain one of those matches  shares 67  centimorgans shared across 6 DNA segments giving an extremely  high confidence  we share this common Taylor ancestor.

John Lee Marshall and Irene Rachel Williams Connections  – Perdue Hill Alabama and area

I also have five genetic matches with descendants of John Lee Marshall and Irene Rachel Williams from the Perdue Hill area of Alabama . One match shares 121 centimorgans across 8 DNA segments which is a slam dunk match  in the genetic genealogy world.

Morrissette YDNA Connection – I also have  a  64 Marker out of 67  and a 35 out of 37 Marker YDNA match with a  descendant of Peter  Morrisette which is highly  suggestive a Morrisette/ Morrissette in my fathers genealogy .

A detailed explanation of my current research is available to any Morrissett, Marshall or Taylor family member simply by emailing me at mark@capeflier.com with your connection to the family.  I will send you the password to my presentation entitled “Sweet Home Alabama – A presentation explaining how my  genetic roots connect me to the Morrissette , Marshall and Taylor Families of  Bay Minette, Perdue Hill , Mobile Alabama and surrounding area.”

Why the Y is still important

Y DNA is very useful because it passes relatively unchanged from father to son through the generations. So in theory a Morrissette  from 1500 should have very close to the same YDNA markers  as a distant descendant in 2014. There  are two nomenclatures in common use to define  our haplogroup. One is the terminal SNP pronounced snip. Mine is L2 , Not everyone has tested as many markers as I have so if your terminal SNP is M269 that is in the same branch of the tree and we could still match.  The other nomenclature is a  haplogroup tree reference, mine starts with  R1b1*  , The downstream values vary by year so so first need to know which year ISOGG tree you are using, Then compare values as far left to right as we have in common. If the shortest value runs out of digits without a mismatch with the other then we are still possible matches.   For example R1b1a*  and  R1b1a2a1a2b1 are still potential matches one has simply tested more markers.  Keep in mind that even if we dont match on YDNA  we can still be related  on either of the other  lines as a non  YDNA match  simply means its not a male to male to male ancestry.

Here are my values translated by year.

R1b1a1a1a1a4f  April 2014

R1b1a2a1a2b1   2014
R1b1a2a1a2b1    2013
R1b1a2a1a1b3c  2011
R1b1b2a1a2d3   2010

My YDNA  terminal SNP is   L2 and  I am also in the M269 subclade.



Other Genetic Genealogy Kits I manage: I manage several  genetic genealogy  projects for  others some of which may not have recent genetic connections with me.  Please be sure to include which kit you match as well as any information that might help us identify your common ancestor.

A word about passwords To protect family privacy a  password is required for certain sections of our site . The genealogy, pictures file and document archives each have their own distinct password as they are of interest to different people.  Please email me with your connection to the family or the genetic match information you are researching  and the section(s)  you would like  the password for. Passwords are freely available to anyone with a connection to the family so feel free to email me. Thank you for participating in bringing our history alive.